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Learn English Online from our Inspiring, Motivated, Experienced and Friendly mentors at WordExpress Academy

We are a leading online English Language Communication and Soft Skill specific Corporate Training Academy with Redefined Training Solutions – Designed and Delivered to bring out the right skill sets, attitude and attributes in your workforce. We started a decade ago with the passion to bring about sustainable motivated change in today’s evolving, competitive world. Driven by the passion to deliver, desirable and sustainable change in human behaviour,we work with corporate,organisations and institutions to train their workforce to remain dynamic, innovative and motivated! We have adapted with ease in today’s challenging world and have streamlined our training and courses to be effective online .


Is about imparting quality training redefined to motivate, collaborate and empower in a fast paced, competitive modern virtual environment.


To harness the power of creativity and practical learning into a powerful learning experience that influence quality of work and life.

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We believe work should be more rewarding, more productive and more fun. A positive working environment ensures we enjoy this time and create the optimal conditions for success.We believe and foster this principle at WordExpress Academy. We start the day with a smile and end it with one!


Our Experience

We have more than a decade of rich experience and knowledge, with onsite and online training. We have successfully trained and mentored more than 25,000 students and employees across India. We Redefine Training with our customized modules for Corporate Skills, Business Communication, Soft Skills and Behavioral Training.

Our Adaptability

We experiment rapidly, frequently, and economically with our training services and strategies for learning. A flexible structure and the dispersal of decision rights are powerful levers for increasing adaptability. We have just the right amount to keep your workforce motivated!

Our Commitment

Focusing all learning activities to the business’ needs is becoming more necessary in order for companies to advance and to retain performing employees. It’s less about structure and more about business strategy. We are highly aligned to this strategy and believe our commitment towards results is what dictates our success.

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  A decade and more of professional mentoring excellence in behavioural and communication skills.

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Loads of motivation to bring about much needed change in today’s workforce.

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Adaptability to understand need based training and deliver in  modern work scenarios. 

Our Pedagogy

To facilitate great learning experiences we provide a comprehensive learning experience.We keep in mind that learning does not start and stop with the training session. We take care of all the stages of learning transfer: before, during, and after training.When you learn English online with us ,we provide you with the support necessary for sustainable learning through various social media initiatives.

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We engage your workforce with valuable and  relevant discussions that help narrow down skill gaps. Creative and engaging activities encourage bonding,teamwork and learning.

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Case Studies

We create inspiring role plays that simulate work related  insight.Case studies are analysed for effective learning and significance.

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Perfect your next presentation with our expert body language,confidence building and communication based training .Leave a positive lasting impression!

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Well structured verbal and written assignments and assessments are included  to provide vital feedback on progress and implementation.

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Learn English online with our blended learning sessions

We combine expert-led and on-demand learning, as well as modern communication methods, to create truly engaging learning experiences.We believe that when learning is fun, learners tend to remember and put it to good use. To achieve this we breaking the learning down into three clear stages of Excite, Engage and Embed .

Our mentors use the latest technology available and combine their years of experience to provide the best in class online training.



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We bring out the best in your workforce by empowering and training them with the relevant skill sets, right attitude and attributes that form the core of your business culture. 


Director – Training

You can train about anyone to master a skill, but if they do not have the right attitude, it will have a profound impact and impede growth.


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