Performance Without Limits

Unlike most generic cPanel hosting providers, we have optimized our hosting specifically for WordPress and WooCommerce. So, you need not worry about your site’s performance, backups, or security. You get a customized solution including all that you need in terms of:

Word Express acts as an interface with your website and major cloud providers. You get optimum performance without premiums.

Leverage the best technology has to offer

Other hosting platforms often have rigid rules regarding the technologies you can implement and what they support. Not so with Word Express. The answer to all of the following question is YES.

We support any combination of WordPress solutions and leverage cloud technology required to achieve uncompromised performance.

Scale on Demand

Word Express’s cloud-native hosting is built for scale. No matter which hosting plan you are on, we empower you to scale up and down to meet your business demands.

When you need to go beyond our existing hosting plans, we support custom architecture that leverages your preferred cloud provider. Whether you are appearing on Shark Tank or national news, we keep your sites up and running for you.

Our ability to scale is backed by years of web traffic management experience. When you work with Word Express, you benefit from the engineering talent that has worked with Fortune 500, Inc. 5000 companies and Govt. agencies for mission critical traffic campaigns and media events.